Ava Trade – Review


Ava Trade is a well-known Forex and CFD broker, which has been on the market since 2006. Ava Trade is a popular online broker among investors as it was one of the first brokers in the field of Forex and CFDs to enable CFD trading. Currently, more than 1.5 million transactions are made through this broker every month with a total value of more than $60 billion. However, about 78% of client accounts are losing accounts. In today’s review we will take a closer look at the services offered by Ava Trade, which may help you decide whether to trade with the broker.

Ava Trade offer

The offer of Ava Trade is not particularly large as clients can trade 55 different currency pairs, 17 CFDs, 2 bond CFDs, 6 ETFs for commodities, 20 share indices, 14 crypto and CFDs for more than 500 individual shares and stocks. With this trading instrument you can carry out all basic operations, so it should be ideal for beginner investors.


Ava Trade has branches in Ireland, Italy, Japan, Spain, Australia, Mongolia, China, Nigeria, Chile and South Africa. Thanks to the worldwide presence of its branches, Ava Trade remains subject to a number of regulations:

    • Ava Trade EU Limited is the main office of the company, which is located in Dublin. It is responsible for controlling AvaTrade’s activities within the European Union. Controlled by the Central Bank of Ireland as an investment firm.
    • Ava Trade Capital Markets Australia controls the activities of the company in Australia and has its registered office in Sydney. It is licensed by the Australian Securities & Investments Commission.
    • Ava Trade Japan K.K. controls the Japanese market. It has a Japanese license from the Financial Services Agency and the FFAJ.
    • Ava Trade Capital Markets Limited is a South African company responsible for the control of business in South Africa. It is licensed by the Financial Sector Conduct Authority.

The legal diversity and responsibility of each company in the area allows Ava Trade to adjust its trading offer to the realities of each country. It is also worth mentioning that acquiring legal regulations for a Forex broker is not easy, so the fact that Ava Trade has legal regulations in several countries proves the quality of their services. This is an important aspect for the safety of investors, since they do not have to be afraid of unpleasant experiences.

Ava Trade Fees

The fees that a broker charges are one of the most important aspects to consider before choosing a platform to invest. Ava Trade is very positive in this category as it does not charge any commissions on trading fees. The average spread is not one of the lowest, as it is about 0.9 pips. Its amount varies depending on the currency pair. Same situation applies to leverage.

Different account models

Ava Trade offers several account models, depending on the location. EU residents can choose between a retail and a professional account. A Spread Betting account is also available for UK and Irish residents. In addition, Ava Trade offers several unique account types. The VIP account offers lower spreads and it is available for anyone who pays 10,000 euros. Muslim traders can open an Islamic account where no overnight trading and swaps are charged. The Vanilla account is designed for everyone who wants to trade options and use the Ava Trade Vanilla Oprions trading platform. In addition, everyone has access to an account designed for cryptotrading.

Demo account

Ava Trade offers a demo account for everyone to use. The only downside is that it‘ s available for 21 days. After this period traders must decide to open a real account.

Minimum deposit

Ava Trade requires a minimum deposit of $100 for all account types. Users may deposit funds in other currencies such as EUR, CHF or GBP. An exception is the VIP account.

Trading platform

Ava Trade provides access to several trading platforms, including the well-known MetalTrader4. Other popular platforms are Webtrader, MirrorTrader and ZuluTrade. The company has also developed the company’s AvaTrader platform, which provides advanced charts and tables and access to live news. The brand’s platform is very well thought-out and great designed. All functions and data are very well organized, which allows you to easily find yourself in the AvaTrader interface.

Customer service

Ava Trade offers customer service at the highest level. Support is available in 15 different languages. Customer service functions during trading hours, i.e. the same hours as the Forex market is open. Clients can solve their questions and problems via e-mail, telephone or live chat.

Educational offer

The Ava Trade trade offer is very attractive and you can find several sections there. The first one is „Beginner Trading“, where beginner traders will learn the basic concepts and procedures of the Forex and CFD market. In addition, Ava Trade has invested in creating its own trading academy called Sharp Trader. The videos that are available there cover a wide range of topics. In addition, users have access to a free ebook, over 50 tutorials, an official glossary and important economic data. The high-level education offer shows that Ava Trade takes its clients seriously and wants to provide them with the best possible investment experience.

Deposits and withdrawals

Ava Trade requires a minimum deposit of $100. In addition, it does not charge any additional fees for any deposits or withdrawals, other than those made by the trading mechanism itself. AvaTrade offers a wide range of deposit and withdrawal methods. The most recommended are Netller, Skrill or MoneyBookers. AvaTrade accepts also main credit cards and bank transfers.


Ava Trade is a broker that works perfectly well with other Forex and CFD brokers. Orders are executed quickly with no problems. Moreover, numerous legal regulations and licenses, a wide educational offer and a well-functioning platform make Ava Trade a broker you can trust.



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